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A very dear and wise friend joins us around My Messy Desk today. I’ve learned so much from her and hope you will, too!


Do you believe the world as we know it is coming to an end? 

Do you wonder about the “end times” as they are referred to? 

What beliefs do you have about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? 

What do you believe concerning Christ’s death, birth, resurrection, the judgement, or  the New Heaven and Earth? 

A Bible Dictionary defines a division of systematic theology dealing with the doctrine of last things-such as death, resurrection, the Second Coming of Christ, the end of the age, the Divine Judgement, and the future state of things as eschatology. It properly includes all that is prophetic concerning future events when recorded in the Scriptures. Biblical Eschatology assumes the Scriptures predict future events with infallible (100 %) accuracy and constitute a Divine disclosure of the future. All Biblical Prophecy to be designated such must have 100 % accuracy as its standard.

Most individuals would agree the curiosity and significance for us is undoubtedly nurtured in our need for hope! Hope in this present state of chaos and confusion; hope in our final outcome; hope for our children; and families, but more than that hope that does not disappoint and dispels fear. But additional significance should hold in the need to be astute to the warnings God has given to the Believer or Child of God (John 1:12,13; Ephesians 2:8,9) as God comes to claim those that are His and separates the “sheep from the goats.” That those who know His Truth would not be taken in by the abounding false teachers of the last days or one performing signs and miracles to deceive the less knowledgeable  and they receive the mark of the beast.

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Literally volumes have been written concerning all aspects of eschatology and its prophetic promises, fulfillment, and those prophesied and yet to be fulfilled. Among all of those who study and write there is some room for speculation on future events–timing, order, individuals, nations, as well as participants. But there is so much that cannot be questioned or denied or even disputed. We can be certain with unshakeable faith in so many truths. And those are worth the study lest we be caught unaware or wanting when these events begin to unfold. Jesus Himself warned believers to pay attention to the “signs” of the times that would signal the beginning of the end.

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From Genesis to Revelation there are too many references to be listed individually, but certainly a serious reading of Daniel the Prophet and Revelation as well as Matthew 24 and 25 with passages from the Gospel of John as in 5:25-28. Plus verses spread throughout the Bible as in Zechariah, Ezeliel, and Isaiah as well as Proverbs, Thessalonians, II Peter, Jude and references in Romans and letters to the Corinthians. There are other  passages where Jesus spoke concerning “that day” and the coming judgement as well as a “new heaven and new earth” spread throughout the gospels as well as all of the writings left for us to “know” the truth.

Be reminded that there is more than one form of “know” throughout the Inspired Word of God.  There is the “know” that is ours because of our designed created human intelligence (and we all “know” some make better use of that than others). There is also “know” that is purely revealed by the Spirit of God in our knowledge and relationship to God the Father through Jesus Christ and the “spiritual birth” spoken of in John 3. And it is again seemingly knowledge given to those who seek it, long for it, and sit at the feet of Jesus (so to speak) that He seems to add clarity to all He has revealed in His Word.   

I find phrases such as …. “signs” that He warned all those of future times to be observing and “pray it will not come in winter” as if we might have a part in the timing and that could be very impactful in the end result….. to be weighty and dispensing a measure of responsibility to those entrusted with His commission of reaching out to the world as a whole as His plan of the ages unfolds. This is especially  enlightening as I reread the account of the transfiguration of Christ during His time on earth. As He and the disciples descended the mountain and they ask Him “Why do the scribes say that it is necessary for Elijah to come first?” (referenced in Malachi 4:5,6) and as Jesus explains that necessity prior to the Messiah coming He tells them in Mark 9:13 that in fact “Elijah has already come.” We know that the Jews were anticipating the coming of the Messiah as eagerly as we anticipate His Second Coming. 

We know they, for the most part, knew the prophecies concerning the coming Messiah as this question about Elijah indicates. But they had missed it… the fore runner of the coming Messiah.  We are advantaged far above and beyond the disciples of that time… we have the Word of God in almost every literary form imaginable and study abounds within multitudes of Eschatological  “experts” yet, while it is an absolute fact that we will not miss the “end times”  will we miss the signs?

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For further study and insights a dear friend and Dr. of Old Testament theology   has recommended these for reading as excellent resources for the individual seeking more and better insights into the promised, prophesied “end times” and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ: Michael Svigel and Nathan Holsteen  “Exploring Theology: The Church, Spiritual Growth, and the End Times”  Bethany House 2014 . End Times is the third volume.


Pam Weinzapfel  Crumilitary Ministry at Ft. Hood, Texas has for the past three years. I came to know the Lord at 18 years of age personally and profoundly and have since been committed to learning and sharing the Word of God through Bible Study and effective methods of digging into and understanding the Word of God. Understanding war and its impacts on the marriage and family of our soldiers has developed ministry and mentoring to PTSD and wives with secondary PTSD due to a lifelong development of Spiritual growth during our 48 years of marriage post Viet Nam Military service. There is wonderful enjoyment of married children, my  six grandchildren and many adopted military families over 10 years of ministry to the military …plus a few hobbies as quilting, reading, as time allows


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12 thoughts on “Word Nerd Wednesday – Eschatology

  1. Wow! This is so full of knowledge and wisdom! The WordNerd Wednesday encourages and stretches me to think about words I never knew existed! It helps me remember that there is a whole Bible full of information (most of which, sadly, I pay no attention to). I need to remember the Bible is not a buffet; maybe it’s more like a prix fix dinner that I’m invited to 🙂

    I’m hanging on to the hope in the midst of the Eschatology!

  2. Interesting connection between our curiosity of end times and hope. I like that. So much seems to tie back to hope, doesn’t it? So thankful for Hope, and for the Author of it. — I’m reading in Revelation right now (on chapter 16, so still in John’s vision portion.) I try to envision these end-time scenarios (such vivid descriptions, John gives.) — Interesting lesson, thanks for sharing Pam and Liz. And, thanks for being a faithful encourager with #ChasingCommunity, Liz ((xoxo))

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