Word Nerd Wednesday Hallowed Kathie Harris

Word Nerd Wednesday – Hallowed

As we continue on with our Word Nerd Wednesday series on The Lord’s Prayer, Kathie Harris, joins us this week to discuss what it means that Our Father in heaven is hallowed.



Hallowed (past tense of hallow): to honor as holy; to make holy; consecrate; greatly revered or respected.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, HALLOWED be thy name….”

The word hallow as used in the Lord’s prayer is a translation from the Greek word hagiazo which means to consecrate or set apart for God. In this translation of the word, hallow means to revere God’s name and treat it with reverence.

Did you know hallowed only appears once in the New Testament? It’s used in the Lord’s prayer as told in Matthew 6:9 and Luke 11:2. Otherwise in both testaments, the words hagiazo and the Hebrew word qadhash are translated as consecrate or sanctify.

But the idea is the same. We are to keep God’s name holy, not to use it vain or to inflate our own self-righteousness. The name of God is used to heal and to bring forth justice, and we should treat it accordingly.

As I studied the word hallow I was reminded of a song that convicted me deeply as a teen. In the Point of Grace song “God Forbid,” these words remind us just what it means to hallow God’s name:

“How casually we speak and say your name.

God forbid that I should speak of you at all

without a humble reverence in my heart.”

In Leviticus 22:32, God speaks to the Israelites through Moses saying:

“And you shall not profane my holy name, that I may be sanctified among the people of Israel. I am the Lord who sanctifies you.”

His demand for our respect and reverence for His name is countered with His love for us – he sanctifies us, so we must sanctify him also.

How Do We Hallow God?

But what comes from our mouths must first rest solidly in our hearts. Peter uses the word hagiazo to mean sanctify when he says in 1 Peter 3:15b “in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy.”

The Old Testament shows many references to making something consecrated in order to serve God and His will. In Jeremiah 22-27, the Lord uses the word qadhash three times in reference to setting aside the Sabbath as a holy day. In both Testaments, we see references for consecrating people to serve God and His will.

What does the word hallow mean for modern Christians as we recite the Lord’s prayer? It’s a reminder that God’s name deserves a reverence when we speak it, and that reverence begins in our hearts.

How have you hallowed God’s name recently? Is this something you need to work on today?

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Meet Kathie

Kathie B Harris Word Nerd Wednesday HallowedKathie Harris is an awarding-winning writer who’s spent her entire life as an Army dependent and loves raising her four kids in the lifestyle. She founded kathiebharris.com in the hopes of educating families considering adoption as well as starting discussions on racial reconciliation.

Kathie offers freelance content marketing services and is currently working on her first historical fiction novel. When she’s not drinking coffee and wrangling kids, she’s sneaking in a few minutes with a good book!

Catch up with her on Facebook at www.facebook/kbhwrites.


Word Nerd Wednesday Hallowed Kathie Harris

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  1. Beautiful distinction that “reverence begins in our hearts,” Kathie. Fun to hear all the Hebrew and Greek translations. Thanks for sharing! And, thanks for sharing Kathie with us, Liz. —- Soooo good to finally check in with you. I’ve been trying to quiet my heart and my time during this, my 2nd annual Summer Sabbath. I’ve had a lot going on at home with the family and all, but it’s always good for me to step away from work stuff to recenter and seek God’s heart. I’m doing some preparing and refocusing as I begin to work through writing the book that’s on my heart. I’m still writing, but haven’t been publishing much. Will have something publishing before too long, though. 🙂 Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer and that you’re settled into your new community now. Great to see you, friend. ♥ ♥ ♥

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