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Word Nerd Wednesday – Repentance

I’m excited to introduce you to my new blogging buddy, Donna! I really think you’re going to appreciate how she redeems this often misunderstood word – repentance.


Resistance to Repentance

I knew that my resistance to that moment of surrender was futile. I had long before professed my faith in Jesus Christ, but it was on that day, in that car, traveling 70 mph, that I relinquished my former self, and laid bare my soul to the Lordship of Jesus. Everything that had come before that act of repentance was completely blotted out in an instant, and the freedom I experienced was palpable. I felt free and all I wanted was more of Jesus.

The power of God that can be released through the faithful application of this word “repentance” is worthy of further exploration. So, what does it mean, and why is it so important to our lives?

In the Hebrew of the Old Covenant two words are used in the concept of repentance, they are “nahum” meaning to lament, grieve, or feel sorrow; and “shub” meaning to return – an expression of a dramatic change of mind toward sin and a decision to forsake it and agree with God.

In the Greek of the New Covenant, there are also two words used which parallel the Hebrew usage, “metamelomai” which is to have feeling or care, concern, or regret akin to remorse; and “metanoeo” which means to have another mind, a description of that radical change when a sinner turns from the idols of sin and self to God.

The whole of the future of our souls hangs in the balance and hinges on this one word, and our response to it determines our destiny as an eternal being living in the presence of God, or as one forever lost in darkness. Without it, we are stymied and void of hope. But God doesn’t leave us in our hopeless state. He continues to woo us with His unfailing love to bring us into right relationship with Him.

The Holy Spirit’s Work

It is the work of the Holy Spirit which leads us into repentance, producing a Godly sorrow in regard to our ways. It is unlike the world’s sorrow which is expressed commonly through a simple apology. This Godly type of sorrow is deep and abiding, causing a grave discomfort in our inner man, which can only be satisfied by the act of repentance and reconciliation with God Himself.

“Godly sorrow brings repentance

that leads to salvation

and leaves no regret,

but worldly sorrow brings death.”

2 Corinthians 7:10 (NIV)

Repentance involves all three aspects of a person’s soul: the mind, will, and emotions. The mind gains new knowledge and is thereby changed, which in turn rouses the emotions to compel the necessary change, which results in the yielded will turning away from sin and to God. 

As we determine to put our faith in Jesus Christ, this adaptation of our soul must occur as we come into right thinking about who Jesus is and the work that He did on the cross. Through repentance, we are essentially elevating Christ to His proper position of headship over our lives. 

This repentance is the impetus for which Christ died. It is the sole purpose of His death on the cross, to bring us into agreement with God about our sins, and bridge the gap between us and Him through our confession and our turning from our former ways. That is the power and the promise in repentance, and God places it squarely in our hands to respond as we choose. We can decide to follow the prodding of the Holy Spirit, and break away from our sin, turning to God and posturing ourselves to receive our redemption in Christ. 

What a beautiful exchange – our pain and torment for His peace and refreshing!

Repentance is a beautiful exchange – our pain and torment for His peace and refreshing! #WORDNerdWednesday Click To Tweet

Acts 3:19 moment, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,” (NIV). 

By the Holy Spirit drawing us into repentance, we come into alignment with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  It is then that we are born again, and it is then that we begin to truly live.


Donna is a poet, artist, and writer who regularly contributes feature articles to Vacaville Magazine.  Her hobbies include acting, singing, photography, exploring new recipes for healthy eating, and watching tiny hedgehog videos on YouTube. (It’s a real thing!)  She is currently overcoming inertia, and working on material for a blog site she will launch later this year.

She has an extensive background in media production, having produced hundreds of television commercials and shows, engaging her skills in scriptwriting, shooting and editing.  Her deep love for animals led her to produce and host her own show, BowWowMeow, and she has also worked as writer and host of many specialty shows.  Additionally, she emceed several live televised events, including the Fiesta Days Parade in Vacaville for nine years, and the United Way Telethon.

She has served in women’s ministry writing devotionals and producing videos, and is currently working full-time in media production.

She lives in Northern California with her very patient and amazing husband, Steven, and two exceptionally fluffy Ragdoll cats, Boodles and Tiki, and loves spending time with friends and family.

WNW Repentance


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