Word Nerd Wednesday – Yahweh Shammah

I’m excited to have Adele-Alys back for this week’s edition of Word Nerd Wednesday as she discusses what it means when God’s Word refers to Him as Yahweh Shammah.

 ” The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about; and the name of the city from that day shall be, ‘ Yahweh Shammah- The Lord is there.’”

Ezekiel 48:35

Yahweh Shammah 

Appears only once in the entire Bible. It is both the final name for God mentioned by the Prophets (Ezekiel 48:35) and the only name (besides the New Testament’s Immanuel- God With Us (Matthew 1:23) that refers both to God’s character (present with us)and God’s location (in Jerusalem).


Have you ever lost someone you love? If the answer is “Yes” then you know that you feel their absence most keenly  in the places they especially loved and on those occasions where they figure most prominently. If this is true when we miss people, it is even more true when we miss God.

After the exile from Eden, mankind was granted a partial reprieve. The Shekinah Glory appeared to Moses- first in the burning bush, next on Mount Sinai , and finally in a somewhat hidden fashion to the people themselves -appearing as a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night as they traveled thru the desert. The cloud protected them from their enemies and the elements and the pillar of fire marked the direction and duration of their journey.

Centuries later, Solomon  offered to build a permanent Home for God  in Jerusalem. Wanting to be close to His People, God allowed it and He chose the place with great precision. Rabbinic teaching states it was the same  place where God bent down, formed Adam from the dirt, and breathed life into him. It was also the very place where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac. Only-God in his mercy intervened- providing a substitute in the form of a ram caught in a thicket. The very name Jerusalem  comes from Yireh (provide) and Shalom (Peace).

Fast forward a few thousand years and Jerusalem would once more figure front and center in the Salvation Story. But this was no naive  lamb caught in a thicket. Instead it was Jesus- God’s only Son- who willingly laid down his life so that mankind could be forgiven and could live  with God forever.


The Good News is that God keeps the faith even when we don’t. He has a plan and his wayward, wandering people are still part of it. The Messiah -Jesus- will come again. He will gather the exiles from the four corners of the earth; He will put flesh on dry bones;  He will open the graves of the righteous, and He will free those who are captive to shame and sin. All this is chronicled in Ezekiel 34-39.

After this, the  Heavenly City of the New Jerusalem will come down to inhabit the Old City (Revelation 22). God will return not just to earth but to Jerusalem and that he will tabernacle there with His people. And His people will come up every year to celebrate that feast.


In other words, peace comes to us because of what God provides.

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Meet Adele-Alys

Adele-Alys Spil

The daughter of a Lutheran minister and a Catholic college professor, Adele-Alys faith life has always been a patchwork. Married to a Jewish man for 38 years, she delved deeply into his faith. It sharpened my picture of Jesus and popped my spiritual ears in ways I could not imagine.” You can connect Adele-Alys via Twitter (@morgantonrose), Pinterest, and her blog (adelealysblog.wordpress.com).


Word Nerd Wednesday Yahweh Shammah Adele-Alys Spil
Word Nerd Wednesday – Yahweh Shammah by Adele-Alys Spil

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